High performance teams result in high profit margins. The beauty of these teams lies in their simplicity and efficiency. By following just a few key leadership tips you can take your team from being an organizational nightmare to operating like a well oiled machine.

Inspire your team.

Teams that are inspired want to put in the groundwork. High performance leaders spend less time pushing the team forward and rather spend time creating the enthusiasm and dynamism within the team. This thriving environment then drives the team forward and you don’t have to pull them along.

Resolve conflict to increase cooperation.

There is a misconception that conflict creates divisions with teams and suppresses productivity. This is only the cases if is not resolved. Conflict within teams is inevitable so it is all about how to deal with it. High performance leaders embrace individual differences and resolve conflict, they don’t shy away from it. Conflict resolution increases cooperation and builds trust and support within teams.

Stretch your team.

High performance leaders set goals that are challenging. Goals that are easily accomplished will not motivate your team. These goals become boring and make the team lethargic. By setting stretch goals the team rallies together to put in their best effort. Further down the line when these big goals are achieved, the teams sense of accomplishment and fulfillment increases. Productivity will also increase as the teams feels they can achieve the extraordinary.

Constantly communicate the vision.

High performance leaders continuously remind the team of where they are headed. Drive the vision home so that the team do not get distracted. Put that broken record on now.

Build trust.

Build trust in your relationships. Build trust in your expertise. Build trust in your consistency. Everything moves smoothly when there is trust. Keep your word, walk the talk and be a leader your team can count on. The first 4 steps are useless without trust. This is the foundation of your high performance team. Make sure it is built to last!

Photo by Naomi Baker (www.naomibakerphotography.com)