One of the most costly and disruptive thing in business is when good employees leave. Managers tend to blame high staff turnover on anything and everything whilst ignoring the main issue: people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.
However, steps can be taken in order to avoid this happening. All that is needed is a new perspective and some extra managerial effort.
In order to understand how to foster and support our best employees we must first understand the negative behaviours managers have that turn good employees away…


They overwork people

It is often very tempting to over-work your best people as managers want the job done right. However, this can have an extremely negative effect on the team. Not only do the over-worked employees feel the strain of being over-worked and over-stressed but the average employees realise more work is being unloaded from them which can damage their self-esteem and motivation.


They hire and promote the wrong people

Good, hard-working employees want to work with like-minded professionals. If managers don’t take the time to find and hire great people the overall productivity and morale of the team declines. Furthermore, promoting the wrong people is even worse. When you have worked really hard for a promotion it is extremely frustrating and even insulting when it is given to someone who has glad-handed his or her way to the top. There is nothing quite as demoralizing as your efforts being wasted and ignored.


They don’t let people pursue their passions

Talented employees are passionate and excited for the future. Providing opportunities for them to pursue their passions increases productivity and job satisfaction. However, many mangers often fear that if they allow their best employees to pursue their goals they will grow bored of their position and want to leave. Also, due to the expansion of passion and thoughts they feel they will lose focus and productivity will decrease. However, this is not the case. When employees are able to pursue their passions at work they experience flow, a euphoric state of focus that is five times more productive than the norm.
If you want your best employees to stay you need to be aware of your behaviours and how the people around you. It is important to remember that good employee’s talent gives them an abundance of job options. You need to make them want to work for you.
The article below highlights many other ways managers push their best employees away. Can you recognize any of these in your managerial behaviors?